Railway references in the world

  • Africa

    HS LGV (Morocco)

    CL Casablanca - Kentira (Morocco)

    MT Alger (Algeria)

    TW Oran (Algeria)

    TW Mostaganer

  • Àsia

    HS Meca - Medina

    HARAMAIN HIGH SPEED (450Km and 320km/h comercial speed). La Farga is working with Al-Shoula Group, a consortium of spanish companies. It's inauguration is expected in December 2016.

    CL Xianxiang Rizhao (China)

    MT Alstom Metro Singapur (Singapur)

    TW Dubai (Saudi Arabia)

    TW Ryad (Saudi Arabia)

  • South America

    CL Tramo Concepción - Lomas Coloradas (Chile)

    MT Quito (Ecuador)

    MT Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

    TW Barquisimeto (Venezuela)

  • North America

    MT L12 Mexico DF (Mexico)

    MT Ferrocarril del Yukatan (Mexico)

  • Australia and southern pacific

    TW Melbourne (Australia)

  • Europe

    HS LGV Est Europenné 2 Phase (France)

    LGV EST Europeenne 2 stage us one of the main running European railway projects. Corresponds to 106 km of high speed line connecting Paris with Strasbourt in 1:50 min. Represents a new railway connection between France and Germany with high speed. Works began on 2010 and it's scheduled to finish in 2015. 

    La Farga is a strategic partner in this project, due to be the provider of all the railway copper products.

    LGV SEA Bourg - Bourdeaux

    SEA (SUD EUROPE ATLANTIQUE) 302KM that will connect Tours with Bourdeus through 3 french regions, connecting them with Paris and reducing the journey to an hour. The launch is scheduled for 2017. Consist of the most important European railway concession.

    HS Bcn – Figueres (Spain)

    HS Madrid – Valencia (Spain)

    HS Vigo - A Coruña (Spain)

    HS Santiago - Ourense (Spain)

    HS Valencia - Alicante (Spain)

    AVE Medina del Campo - Salamanca (Spain)

    HS LGV - SER Sud est Atlantique (France)

    LGV EST Metz - Strasbourg

    HS Ankara - Istanbul (Turkey)

    HS Rhin - Rhone (France)

    CL Diva - Koper (Slovenia)

    CL Mantasnancs France (SNCF France)

    CL Marmaray (Turkey)

    CL Tithorea (Greece)

    CL Several Projects (Sweden)

    CL Bourg - Bellgrade (France)

    MT Worsow (Poland)

    MT Metro Paris (France)

    MT Metro Madrid (Spain)

    MT Metro Barcelona (Spain)

    TW Valenciennes (France)

    TW Strasbourg (France)

    TW Firenze (Italy)

    TW Dublin (Ireland)

    TW Bergen (Norway)

    TW Nottingham (England)

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