COPPER is synonymous with development. It is a unique material, an excellent thermal and electric conductor, ductile, malleable, and antimicrobial, among other attributes. It was one of the first metals used by humankind and it is imperative for our future due to its natural properties. An ESSENTIAL material for the global sustainable transition because it is ENDLESSLY RECYCLABLE without losing its properties.

Endlessly recyclable

Committed to society since our beginnings

We are experts in copper recovery. Of all the technologies for recycling copper that currently exist, we have developed a unique and patented process.

We offer the most sustainable copper solutions with the smallest footprint, we can directly produce using 100% recycled copper, which has the smallest footprint on the market and this contributes to the efficient use of natural resources.



and technology

Efficient use
of resources




Knowledge and innovation
for global progress

La Farga, a family business with 215 years of history that manufactures semi-finished copper products. A global leader in technology and copper recycling processes, our first patent was registered in 1986.

We transform copper
and we transform the world.

Our essence means that we are always developing innovative knowledge at the service of sustainability in order to provide new technologies and offer copper solutions that have a greater positive on the planet.

We work endlessly to improve on a continuing basis and with a long-term framework. We invest to keep growing, increasing our global presence and improving production efficiency. We want to ensure progress, meeting present and future needs through the responsible use of natural resources and achieving a balance between the economy, society, and the environment.

All these years of work, dedication, and perseverance, along with the amount of resources invested in research and development, have enabled La Farga to have a presence today on almost every continent.


At La Farga we have complete confidence in our team to transform reality and be agents of change by generating value. They are the driving force that powers the company and, with their talent and commitment, they make us leaders in the sector.

Collaboration and teamwork have been essential to handling opportunities and challenges over more than 215 years. For La Farga the way we do things is just as important as what we do.

We are a company with a purpose, which makes us unique. Committed to people and our values. Our positioning and conviction set us apart in the metallurgical sector as an active company in the generation of shared value.