Investing talent in an objective

We are focused on people with a responsible attitude and participation, who believe in healthy and honest relationships. We provide professional development policies, managing the efforts towards a common leadership and a culture of commitment. A culture with room for talented people, people with skills, knowledge and abilities.

Through our Corporate Responsibility Policy, we work towards ensuring that our workers can discover and enhance their talent. We generate the optimum conditions to bring out the talent of each and every one of our employees and to implement compliance with the common goal. This allows us to adapt to different situations in order to overcome difficulties.

La Farga is made ​​up of people from all walks of life: engineers, technicians, operators, administrative clerks, etc., all forming a multidisciplinary team that allows us to provide fast and reliable answers to emerging needs in the development of our activities. To this end, we encourage the versatility of our employees and encourage knowledge-sharing among the team. Furthermore, we apply different acknowledgement policies to encourage good practice.

We have an explicit commitment to promoting equal opportunities and discouraging discrimination of any kind. This commitment is highlighted in our People and Organisation policies, which favours the integration of different people. We encourage the development of social activities and the implementation of policies to balance work and family life, which facilitate the integration of partners into the business project.

If you want to participate in our project, send us your curriculum vitae.

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