La Farga

We are pioneers in offering the most sustainable solutions of copper and its alloys on the market

La Farga is a family business with more than 215 years of history that manufactures and markets the most sustainable copper semi-finished products and alloys on the market, 100% recycled and with the lowest carbon footprint. Products for the electrical, automotive, railway, construction and installation markets, metal containers, solids, and special conductors.

La Farga is present in more than 30 countries through the sale of its products and the sale of technology.

La Farga's corporate strategy is structured around two pillars that are the basis of everything we do: sustainability and innovation. This has made us pioneers and leaders in copper recycling knowledge, development, and technology.

Our solutions are advanced to the needs of customers, respond to the demands of sustainable development and have a positive impact for the decarbonization of our planet.

The 2021-2023 Strategic Plan represents a turning point in the company, with the desire to transcend in society.

Offering a 100% recycled product made through an innovative process with a high differential value, La Farga evolves to transform the market and, at the same time, society. The world has to give an efficient response to the challenges of sustainable development in our society. La Farga's knowledge, solutions and technology contribute to your solution.


We are industry and innovation
We are copper and sustainability


in billing.

410.00 Tn
of annual
productive capacity

50% recycled
copper used
in our process

We offer a 100% recycled product with the lowest carbon footprint on the market

+74 countries
in which
we are present

+40 projects implementing our knowledge and technology internationally

Join Venture USA 2010.
We export our technology and know-how

+420 people
in the team
of La Farga

AENOR 14001

Our environmental commitment

AENOR 45001

Our commitment to safety


Our commitment to quality


Our commitment to energy managment

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