Xavier Rovira

Technical Area Director
Member of the Board of Directors

Born in 1962 in El Masroig (Tarragona), Xavier Rovira is married with two children. He has a degree in chemical sciences, specialising in metallurgy, from the University of Barcelona, a master’s degree in Quality Management in Companies from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a qualification as a Higher Technical Officer for Health and Safety in the Workplace, specialising in industrial safety, from the Catalan Institute of Technology.
In 1989 he began his career at La Farga Lacambra SAU as a smelting and continuous casting technician. After three years he was promoted to Quality Manager and shortly afterwards also took charge of the field of safety and the environment for the whole La Farga metallurgical holding. He currently has eight people working under him.
He has been a member of various AENOR standardisation and certification technical committees since 1991 and also represents Spain as a member of the CEN/TC133 committee, which draws up and maintains the European regulations referring to semi-finished copper products.
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