Government organs of the family business

Family Assembly

This is the family body responsible for promoting and communicating the business vision of the family, conveying the business project, informing of the operations of the company, giving the entire family the opportunity to express their ideas, focusing on unique objectives, raising issues with the Family Board, stimulating discussion and evaluation regading the work performed by the Family Board and discussing the proposals made by this body.

This is the body formed by all the partners of the firm and its main mission is to care for an ensure family life, especially in relation to the company and its governing bodies.

This body delegates its responsibilities to the Family Board.


Oriol Guixà

Oriol Guixà

President and CEO of La Farga
President of Fundació La Farga

Family Board

Consejo de Familia

This acts as a link between the company and the corporate business, with no decision-making powers but merely advisory powers. It maintains and ensures the proper application of the principles and rules of the family protocol.


Oriol Guixà, Ana Fisas, Imma Fisas, Amadeu Fisas, Edgar Guixà and Jessica Pujol.

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