Did you know that increasingly more satisfy the fundamental needs of the world in which we live thanks to the products developed in the copper industry?

One of the functions of the European copper Institute (where La Farga is a member) is to create awareness of these social benefits those responsible politicians, legislators, the value in the decision-making chain and the general public.

To do this, I highlight main campaigns are developed to promote and publicize the benefits of copper which must allow addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges of today in markets such as energy and electricity, construction, health, sustainable development, among others.

  1. Competition "Copper and the home" →

    They designers are called to be inspired on the credentials aesthetics and techniques of copper through this contest where intends to foster innovation and design unconventional in the field of copper. Unique pieces such as furniture, furnishing, household objects... the imagination to power!

  2. European Copper in Architecture Awards →

    A Prize that serves as international showcase for architects who design with copper and its alloys.

  3. The copper creates home →

    Campaign to publicize the application areas and the advantages of copper in the facilities of ourhome. Network of installers of copper tubing.

  4. Spainskills →

    La Farga collaborates with Conaif in the Spain Skills: the national Olimipiadas of vocational training. Specifically in the categories of Fontaneria-calefaccion and cooling.

  5. Innovating with copper →

    The European Copper Institute (ECI) launched a new campaign, "Innovating with copper", to demonstrate the role of copper products with the fundamental needs of society, such as renewable energy, health, transportation energy efficient and modern communications.

  6. Copper Labyrinth


    A Dutch sculptor uses copper tube from La Farga to design a magnificent sculpture in the center of Amsterdam. Inside the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam this impressive sculpture where the copper tube shows its malleability with winding roads that connect each is located. The maze covers an area of almost 100 m2 and consists of a 450 meters long copper pipe, hand polished and designed with a wavy pattern 100% recycled copper.

  7. #gocopper → sharing copper

    Go Copper and Share your Story with Us: use #gocopper

    We invite users of copper products and its alloy all to join the effort and use the same hashtag in their own social media outreach.

  8. Copper and health → cu cerebro salud1

    The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connects copper to other ten thousand

    1 mg of copper per day keeps you healthy

    Copper is crucial for the normal function of the brain and nervous system. It also plays a role in making neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that facilitate communications between nerve cells, and the movement of electrical impulses along nerves.

  9. IndustRe →

    Do we use all we can renewable energy? Through this link discover all they can do to us of renewable energies for certain industrial processes ...

  10. When the going gets tough, copper gets going... →

    Copper has been interwoven with the story of humanity's progress for centuries. Essential to modern living, it delivers electricity and clean water into our homes and cities, and makes an important contribution to sustainable development.

    More than that, it is essential to life itself. Copper's unique properties make it the material of choice for many professions seeking to create solutions for applications in extreme environments too.

    In a new campaign, designed for a public curious to understand the secrets behind the innovations required to operate successfully in such environments, we have selected a series of case studies unveiling the roles that copper plays when things get tough.

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