Copper as an element and mineral

El cobre como elemento mineral
  • Copper is a chemical element of the so-called transition metals.
  • Copper leads the group of noble metals: copper, silver and gold.
  • Copper atoms have 29 protons and 29 electrons.
  • Copper has two stable natural isotopes: one has 34 neutrons and the other 36.
  • Copper is not radioactive.
  • There are only two attractive coloured metals: gold and copper.
  • Copper can not be magnetised.
  • Copper is a familiar metal, but it is not abundant in nature.
  • Copper ranks 25 in the order of abundance of the 92 natural chemical elements.
  • There are more than five hundred species of copper ore.
  • After native copper, cuprite is the ore to contain most copper: 88.82%.
  • Copper has a great ability to form alloys.
  • Copper has been adopted as the standard for electrical conductivity.
  • About 80% of the copper produced by mankind is still useful, thanks to its recycling capacity.
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