Patents and knowledge

The rapid transfer of research results to industrial activity has enabled us to make significant progress in refining and process technology, products and processes that we have consolidated through several patents. These are:

  • Copper wire microalloyed for welding
  • Procedure for estimating the electrical conductivity of an alloy
  • High performance copper alloy.
  • Detection method of ferromagnetic particles embedded in  nonferromagnetic materials by magnetic field variation.
  • Copper tubular cable for power lines
  • Electrical conductor for transporting electrical energy and correponding production method. 
  • Eccentricity measuring system for nonferromagnetic metal pipes and corresponding method.
  • Automated system for copper cathodes load of  and method for using the same.
  • Set of straightening rollers for coiler machine of copper or copper alloys.
  • Installation for smelting copper metal.
  • Vertical furnace for metal melting.
  • System for detecting deep internal defects in metallic parts manufactured by means of continuous or intermittent rolling, wire drawing and forging processes and a corresponding method.
  • How to improve the properties of copper rod obtained by continuous casting.
  • Procedure to remove the nickel content in copper refining using a pyrometallurgical process.
  • Method to directly determine the degree annealability of material undergoing acrimony by means of a cold forming process.
  • New high-conductivity copper microalloys obtained by conventional continuous or semicontinuous.
  • Manufacture of copper microalloys
  • Substrates for superconductors and process for their manufacture.

Our knowledge on copper:

  • International conferences and symposiums

    • Wire and Cable Manufacturing and Technologies (WAI), Italy.
    • Annual Meeting of GDMB, Austria.
    • Continuus Symposium Properzi-La Forge Lacambra, Barcelona-Masies of Voltregà (April 2002)
    • International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) Technical Seminar, Turkey (October 2003).
    • Continuus Symposium Properzi-La Forge Lacambra, Barcelona-Masies of Voltregà (April 2008).
    • International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) Technical Seminar, Barcelona-Masies of Voltregà (March 2009).
    • GDMB Association, Barcelona (2012)
    • GDMB Copper Committee, Pirdop (2013)
    • International Wrought Copper Council - Melting, refining & càsting, Santiago de Chile (2013)
    • 1st International Cable and Wire Technical Forum, Korea, Seoul (17-18 April 2013)
    • Overhead Lines Engineers’ Forum, UK, Chester (22-23 October 2013)
    • Middle East Metals Recycling Conference, Dubai (2014)
    • XXI Konferencji Szkoleniowo-Techniczna, Polonia, Kudowa (4-7 march 2014)
    • 27th International Copper Conference, Italia, Milà (10-12 march 2014)
    • III Jornada Técnica de I+D del Comité Nacional de España de CIGRÉ, España, Madrid (3 April 2014)
    • High-Temperature Conductor and Connector Systems & Field Trial of Advanced Conductors, USA, Houston (8 May 2014)
    • International Wrought Copper Council – Rolling – Flat and other products, Mumbai (2014)
  • Projects

    • Novel SOL GEL Technology for long lenght superconductivity coated tapes.
    • European Project (7PM): European Development of Superconducting Tapes (Eurotapes)


      High current coated conductors (CC´s) have high potential for developing electrical power applications and very high field magnets. The key issues for market success are low cost robust processes, high performance and a reliable manufacturing methodology for long length conductors. In recent years EU researchers and companies have made substantial progress towards these goals, based on vacuum (PLD) and chemical deposition (CSD) methods towards nanostructuring of films. This provides a unique opportunity for Europe to integrate these advances in high performance conductors.

      The consortium consists of 20 partners from 8 member states – 6 universities (Cambridge, UK; Antwerp, B, UAB Barcelona, ES, TU Cluj, RO, U. Ghent, BE and TU Wien, A), 5 institutes (CSIC-ICMAB, E, ENEA, I, IEE, SK,Inst. Neel-CNRS, F, and IFW, D), 1 technological center (LEITAT, ES) and 8 industrial companies (Bruker, D, Evico, D, Theva, D, Nexans GmbH, D, Percotech, D, Nexans SA, F, La Farga, ES and Oxolutia, ES)

      This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 280432.
  • Our articles

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