Advanced technologies

We guarantee the maximum quality and application of continuous improvement techniques in all of our products, services and processes. We have a relationship of respect and honesty with all of our clients, with fluid, strict and transparent communications. We support constant innovation, which meets new needs and enables us to develop more sustainable products with higher added value to clients.

  • CX3 Technology (Copper Coated Conductor)

    This technology, which can be applied to different products, offers new features such as: different colour, dielectric (reduces electrical loss and provides greater energy efficiency), UV resistant, anti-corrosive and waterproof (suitable for extreme weather conditions), among others.

  • DX3 Technology (Deep Defect Detector)

    Technology that improves the copper product defect detection system. It allows for deep defects to be detected inside our products, avoiding breakages in product manufacturing and installation.

  • MEEC Software (Mechanical Electrical Economical Comparison)

    This software allows for fast comparison of the behaviour of 2 or 3 overhead electricity lines under the same operating conditions.

  • Innovative eccentricity gauging system for our copper pipes

    Gauging system that allows for a sensor to move 360º around the outer contour of the pipe to be measured. As it is mobile, it can take endless measurements to provide greater precision in comparison with usual systems.

  • Copper refining system

    Copper refined furnace with a loading system that maximises its output and improves its environmental behaviour. In terms of the environment, we avoid heat losses thanks to shorter opening times and space. The design also allows for a reduction in slag and in the emission of volatile materials. Technology designed and patented by La Farga.

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