The collection

Through its collection and the skywalk, which offers a vasit to the La Farga facilities, the Copper Museum aims to show visitors the technological, economic and cultural aspects related to the world of copper metallurgy throughout history.

The five areas of the Museum are:


    La Farga, a company history

    This informs of the origins and transformation of the company from its beginnings to the present day.

    Portraying the 200-year history of a company that was created in Barcelona and later moved to Les Masies de Voltregà. Besides an insight into the history, it offers the story of two families: the founders, the Lacambra family, and the current owners, Fisas and Guixà

  • Copper and the origins of metallurgy

    Explaining the discovery of copper, the origins of metallurgy and the relevance of copper from that time until industrialisation. The word "copper" comes from the Latin Cuprum, which comes from Kyros, the Greek name for the island of Cyprus, where plenty of good copper was mined.

    Copper is the first metal resulting from a new technology: metallurgy.

    Metallurgy is the art of extracting metals from the ores containing them.

  • Chemical element copper

    Copper from a scientific viewpoint with its physical and chemical properties.

    Copper is reddish chemical element that belongs to the group of noble metals. It is a relevant metal because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, while remaining ductile and malleable. Furthermore, copper is involved in the biological functions of humans, animals and plants.

    «Copper gives its name to a family of noble metals. To the copper family belonging to gold and silver. Merely because of this, copper can be considered a precious metal»
    Jorge Wagensberg, director of the Environmental and Science area of the "la Caixa" Foundation.

  • Technology and applications of copper

    Industrial processes for obtaining, processing and purifying copper. Sample of copper, bronze and bass objects from the industrial society.
    Copper is one of the few materials that can be recycled again and again indefinitely and, therefore, almost all of the metal can be recovered from recycled cipper without losing its qualities: a copper Neolitic coller can provide enough copper for a drive track on a state-of-the-art computer.
    Thus, it may be said that copper is a metal with a past, a present and a great future.

  • The walkway, the copper industry live

    A stroll along the walkway provides a live look into the production process involved in the transformation of copper at La Farga. The first section of the walkway is inside the foundry where ir can be seen how the furnaces melt the copper and producte copper wire.
    The second section, which connects the two units visited at La Farga, runs outside and shows visitors the industrial colony of La Farga, the only metallurgical colony in Catalonia.
    The third section runs inside a wire drawing plant, where visitors can see final process of obtaining the copper wire drawing.

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