University of Vic

The conception, design and structure of the Copper Museum are the result of an unusual model of cooperation between universities and companies, due to both the originality of the proposal and to the difficulties inherent to the implementation of a project of this scale.

The objectives and rhythm of work and organisation of companies and universities are very different. Companies, with a markedly hierarchical structure, work in a highly competitive environment and should give short-term results in a very specific field.

Universities, however, with a network structure, develop educational and research functions in several areas and transfer knowledge and technology to society, but without the immediacy of deadlines that characterises companies.

Combining the functions, rhythm and requirements of these organisations is not always easy and, when they are fully combined (as has been the case of the Copper Museum), this is due to a confluence of goodwill, trust and clearly agreed objectives. For the Museum to became a reality, La Farga provided the idea, the building and all the necessary resources, and the team from the University of Vic provided architectural adaptation, the definition of the museum and museum project, the purchase of parts and the management and implementation of the entire process with the participation of the Vic Art School on different levels.
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