The chairman’s letter

Oriol Guixà Arderiu

President and CEO of La Farga
Chairman of the General Board of Shareholders
Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Farga
Chairman of the Board of Fundació La Farga


The 2018 financial year has been one of major transformations for the company. It has been a year of business unification for all those companies that comprised the La Farga Group in Les Masies de Voltregà, all of which have now been merged to form La Farga Yourcoppersolutions, S.A, and into which all our industrial assets have been incorporated.

This significant unification has been accompanied by a new management organisation, one that strengthens cross-sector leadership roles, and the assignment of responsibilities at each organisational level. This new management strategy has come with the introduction of a forceful cultural change, through the implementation of management by projects, and with the application of processes and monitoring procedures that apply key indicators.

In 1986 La Farga invented a continuous casting process to enable copper wire to be manufactured from recycled materials, this breakthrough was the first of its kind in the world.

To date, it has been this patented recycling process that has allowed us to advance, and place ourselves as sector leaders in Southern Europe. Now, 35 years later, with the application of all our acquired know-how, and using Danieli Italian engineering, we have changed our continuous copper casting process. In 2018 we developed and implemented a new continuous casting line, one that was unique, and which brought together all our design improvements with respect to productivity, quality and product characteristics. This innovation has exceeded all expectations after its initial launch.

The Board of Directors, over which I have the honour of presiding, would like to thank all our staff and all the groups of interest at La Farga for their support, their understanding, their innovative talent and their efforts, which together have allowed us to carry out these major advances. These steps forward will ensure the progress of this exciting industrial venture in a sustainable manner.

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