Our main reason for existence and strategic action of La Farga is "Maximize the use of recycled copper and the development of technologies that make it possible".


Pioneers in offer solutions sustainable copper to society



Emotional and intellectual involvement to create value from sustainably with the environment and over time, through a ethical and responsible behavior, always taking into account how our decisions affect the environment, the economy and society.

Open mentality

Act and promote an open, receptive, work ecosystem inclusive and collaborative to take advantage of the maximum potential human resources and opportunities as a resource for growth set.


Transform new products, applications, processes into value and services through the adequate and effective connection of the company and the market, and promoting cooperative development


Enthusiasm to work efficiently and with effort to achieve an individual or team goal.


Business family who continues the legacy of +215 years putting innovation to
sustainability service

La Farga's corporate strategy is structured around two pillars that are the basis of everything we do: sustainability and innovation. This has made us pioneers and leaders in copper recycling knowledge, development, and technology. Our solutions are advanced to the needs of customers, respond to the demands of sustainable development and have a positive impact for the decarbonization of our planet.

Social, environmental and economic aspects, together with honesty and transparency, are integrated transversely throughout the group. Balancing business goals with social and environmental objectives to create value is the root of our corporate strategy to work towards the sustainability of the company and its long-term stability.

Since 2006, we have been members of the Global Compact of the United Nations (Global Compact), adapting its behaviour and action in terms of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption and bribery.

La Farga participates in associations and organizations. Know them.

  • Creating value for the company and the environment


    Beyond the financial objects, the corporate family seeks to create value for the company and its environment through professional management and a long-term vocation. We offer dialogue and transparent information. We work towards the profitable growth of the company through an entrepreneurial spirit for improvement to ensure the corporate family is proud of our management.

  • Investing talent in an objective


    At La Farga, we are learning to cope with and manage change and promote empowerment to ensure our team continue to play a leading role in the project. We work towards ensuring that each employee is able to discover his/her talent and promote it. Through a responsible attitude of participation and acknowledgement, we create healthy, honest relationships that lead to greater personal satisfaction. We accompany our employees in their growth, supporting a common direction and leadership and a culture of commitment. In addition, we provide life-work balance policies.

  • Solutions and responses to the greatest demands


    For La Farga, meeting the expectations and needs of our customers is a key objective. The customer is at the centre of our decisions and, therefore, we guarantee the utmost quality and the application of continuous improvement techniques in all of our products, services and processes. We have a relationship of respect, honesty and ongoing, rigorous and transparent communications with all of our customers. We are committed to constant innovation that meets changing needs and enables us to develop safer, more sustainable products.

  • Winning synergies

    Sinergies Guanyadores

    At La Farga, we believe that the strategic relationship with suppliers is a key factor that allows us to work in the most efficient, economic and technical manner. We therefore establish trade agreements of mutual respect, applying win-win policies. Together with our suppliers, we develop joint innovations, signing long-term agreements to guarantee security and stability in their production and in our supply.

  • Involvement with the region


    A La Farga, we are committed to the social, environmental and economic development and progress of our environment and society in general. We therefore have a close relationship of cooperation and collaboration with neighbours, the public authorities, the community and the media. More specifically, we maintain a policy of good neighbourliness, collaborating and developing social, cultural and training activities and seeking to conserve our environment and we maintain a respectful relationship of dialogue and transparency with all those around us.

  • Respect for our environment


    In La Farga we work towards promoting ecological production, responsibly managing natural resources and ensuring the pollution of our environment is minimised.

    Through our manufacturing process, we optimise the use of natural resources and energy, recover and reuse raw material (copper) and are constantly working towards mitigating and minimising the impact on nature. We promote green projects and processes and control emissions to ensure they are increasingly less.

AENOR 14001

Our environmental commitment

AENOR 45001

Our commitment to safety


Our commitment to quality


Our commitment to energy managment

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