Mission, vision and values


La Farga’s Mission is the development of innovative solutions for copper and other metals, creating value and satisfying the expectations of customers and society by means of a business model that is responsible, sustainable and committed to our team.



La Farga’s Vision is to be a strategic provider of copper solutions for our customers; to be a company exciting in terms of growth, acknowledged for our innovative spirit and for our leadership in the recycling of copper and in the development of its alloys.



  • Innovation

    A spirit of improvement and creativity in all areas of the company.

  • Ethically responsible

    To work ethically and proactively in respect of acquired commitments, always taking into account the economic, social and environmental impact of decisions.

  • Excitement

    A zeal for working efficiently in order to achieve a goal either individually or as a team.

  • Global mentality

    To understand the world and its diversity with an open and inclusive mentality, approaching relations with empathy, and fostering dialogue and active listening as tools for mutual growth.

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