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Last November 2022, this year's Vicenç Fisas Award ceremony was held at the Copper Museum.

Biotechnology degree students from the University of Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) Laia Vila and Gina Liarte were deserving of the 8th edition of the Vicenç Fisas i Comella Award, granted by the La Farga Foundation, for the work of final degree "Development of a robust bioprocess in fedbatch for the production of nanobodies (VHH and IgG) with the expression organism Pichia pastoris under the control of PGAP".

The event was chaired by Oriol Guixà, President of La Farga Foundation, accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Technology and Engineering at UVIC, Malu Calle and the Vice-Chancellor of Teaching at UVic-UCC, Albert Juncà. Carmiña Pérez and Tristàn Fisas, Patrons of the Foundation, also attended on behalf of the Foundation.

The prize, endowed with 2,000 euros, can be applied for by all UVic students who have obtained an excellent grade in their final degree thesis, regardless of the discipline they study.

One of the requirements to win it is that the work reflects the three values promoted by the La Farga Foundation: knowledge applied to social development, creativity as a basis for innovation and progress, and awareness for the care and sustainability of the environment

Guixà also mentioned the high quality of all the works presented and especially the good work of the two works that were finalists, which are "Predictive analytics model for Industry 4.0" by Ibrahim Amar, student of the degree in Mechatronics, and "PlasticSystems", by Rocío Saavedra, student of the degree in Occupational Therapy.

Producing nanobodies from a Pichia pastoris yeast strain The work carried out by Laia Vila and Gina Liarte aims to optimize the culture conditions of a bioprocess for the production of nanobodies (a simpler version of conventional antibodies) from a strain of yeast called Pichia pastoris.

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