Fundació La Farga

The Fundació La Farga was created in 2004 to create value and wealth in their immediate sorroundings. Therefore, its scope focuses on the Osona, Moinès and Ripollès areas and, more specifically, on the towns of Les Masies de Voltregà and Sant Joan de les Abadesses, its workers, children of workers and members of the corporate family of La Farga.

Fundació La Farga supports, promotes, assists and participates in initiatives in 3 areas:

    • In the SOCIAL area, it actively participates through donations, sponsorships and partnerships in activities in Les Masies de Voltregà and Osona.
    • In terms of culture, the Copper Museum was inaugurated in 2008. A unique platform in Europe that displays in a technical, didactic and experiential manner the properties and applications of copper in past, present and future.
    • In the educational area, it allocates part of its funds through grants to the training of the corporate family, workers and children of workers of La Farga and inhabitants of Les Masies de Voltregà and Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

Board of La Fundació La Farga

Structured as most tested foundations on the international scene, the bodies of the foundation are organized around a Board that currently consists of 7 members.

  • Oriol Guixà Arderiu (President)
  • Javier Cabeza Loriente (Director and Secretary)
  • Xènia Andrade
  • Carmiña Pérez Bermúdez
  • Meri Rovira Puig
  • Joaquim Pla Brunet
  • Tristán Fisas

The Board is the main governing body of the Foundation and its responsible for its representation, governing and administration. Its main functions include representing the Foundation in all kind of acts and contracts and preparing the programme of activities and the use of financial funds.


Between 1918 and 1920, Josep Lacambra decided to undertake work to expand the factory that ended with the construction of the house designed as a family home together with the factory building.
This work required the increase of the area of the colony with the purchase of two plots of land to complete the current area of the complex. The building was erected next to the road leading to the factory.
At present, it is the headquarters of Fundació La Farga, the corporate offices of La Farga and the Copper Museum.
Refurbishment of the building cost 1.5 million euros.

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