Joinfil, poly micro-alloy copper wire for welding metal packaging

La Farga Lacambra has developed Ecocopper wire based on the specific features required of copper wire for welding metal packaging.

The manufacturing process for our copper wire is subject to a patent for the necessary chemical composition to provide copper wire suitable for welding with better mechanical properties and resistance to temperature than conventional copper wire, giving it better dimensional stability during the welding process. A total of 20 alloying elements are used to give the material its different properties compared to conventional wire.

Why Joinfil?

    • We are holders of a sustainable and innovative patented process.
    • We are leaders in recycling technology and have sold our know-how around the world.
    • It is a cost-effective process for our clients: the recovery process allows clients to pay for product processing only, avoiding having to buy the raw material whenever copper wire is used.
    • Given that we can recover all of the material ourselves, our clients incur fewer logistical costs.
    • The production process enables La Farga Lacambra to apply the materials technology for the packaging industry.
  • ECOCOPPER products are from 100% recycled material and help to save resources and energy and have less environmental impact.

    Copper is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely, maintaining its original quality and features. 34% of the copper produced in the world comes from recycling and, of this figure, 41% is used in Europe alone.

    Through La Farga Lacambra, a pioneering company in the recycling of copper, we offer ECOCOPPER ™ products that meet the needs of semi-manufacturing industry requiring a quality yet sustainable material.

  • Ø 1.20
  • Ø 1.25
  • Ø 1.32
  • Ø 1.35
  • Ø 1.38
  • Ø 1.48
  • Ø 1.50
  • Ø 1.80
  • Ø 2
  • CAS number: 7440-50-8
  • REACH number: 01-2119480154-42-0061
  • Chemical composition: Cu+Ag > 99.90%
  • Oxygen: < 0.0400 %
  • 100% recycled copper
  • Patented product