Railfil, contact wire for railway electrification

Grooved contact wire is the main component of the catenary and provides electricity through the pantograph of the locomotive.

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  • Cu-ETP/ CW004A
  • CuAg 0.10/CW013A
  • CuSn 0.2/0.4/CW129C
  • CuMg 0.3/0.5/CW127C; CW128C
  • Evelec
  • Circular: 80, 100, 107, 120, 150 mm2
  • Oval: 100, 107, 120, 150 mm

Attachment grooves

There are two types of groove


Identification grooves

To identify the materials used in the manufacture of contact wire, different types of groove are used:

  • Copper: no groove
  • Copper-Magnesium: three grooves
  • Copper-Silver: two grooves
  • Copper-Tin: one groove


  • Standard: ASTM B-9, ASTM B47, EN 50149, UIC 870