CAC, Copper Alloy Conductors for overhead lines

CAC (Copper Alloy Conductor), a micro-alloyed copper conductor. The CAC is a high-temperature conductor especially designed for low, medium, high and very high voltage overhead lines. A new conductor that ensures maximum efficiency and network security.

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Why CAC?

    • Capacity increase (ampacity): between 50 and 100% more than conventional conductors
    • Better energy efficiency than ACSR and HTLS
    • Safety: transports energy peaks thanks to its high temperature properties
    • Ability to cope with capacity overloads (N-1 or N-2)
    • Better behaviour in icy and windy weather conditions thanks to its smaller diameter
    • Fewer losses due to the combination of dialectric coating and copper
    • No creep at high temperatures
    • Easy to install. Standard fittings available
    • New overhead lines. Fewer towers.
    • Competitive upgrading of existing lines, increasing their ampacity without investing in pylons or rights-of-way, with lower energy losses
    • Areas with adverse climatology (snow, ice, wind)
    • Lines connecting renewable energy plants to the main lines
    • SOUNDLESS: CAC dielectric coating prevents noise due to the corona effecte, especially appropiate in zones close to urban areas
    • HYDROPHOBIC: a special coating to prevent ice and snow from depositing, suitable for zones with ice/snow loads
    • ANTI-THEFT: available in aluminium/steel colour
    • CAMOUFLAGE: possibility to use different pigments for the coating: green, blue, brown...
    • ANTI-CORROSION: corrosion-resistant coating designed to prevent corrosion in certain extreme environmental conditions.
  • Cx3 technology gives the conductor new properties such as a different colour, dielectric behaviour, absence of corona effecte and soundlessness.

    In addition, it is UV-resistant, prevents corrosion and, if necessary, can be hydrophobic for extreme ice and snow conditions.

    The combination of CAC (Copper Alloy Conductor) and Cx3 coating characteristics offers an innovative solution for the electricity transport and distribution sector, helping provide greater energy efficiency and safety.

  • CAC: Copper Alloy Conductors, round wires. Range from 10mm2 to 630mm2
  • CAC-TW: Copper Alloy Conductors, trapezoidal wires. Range from 95mm2 to 630mm2
  • Standard: UNE 207015, NF C34-110-3, BS 7884, DIN 48201-1, RFI-ET.25, EDP DMA-C34-110/E, PN-74 / E-90081