Earthing Strands

Earthing Strands
Copper is the best conductor and is used for many applications such as electrical and earthing cables. Buildings have to have earthing to prevent electrocution, for surge protection, to prevent accidental contact, etc.  Earthing systems provide a certain level of safety for people and property in the event of system damage.
At La Farga, we manufacture Class 2 rigid copper earthing strands and ECCC (Earthing Copper Coated Conductor) strands.
Earthing Rigidcord

Earthing Rigidcord, Class 2 copper earthing strands


ECCC-I, Earthing Copper Coated Conductor Industrial


ECCC-AT, Earthing Copper Coated Conductor Anti Theft


ECCC-AC, Earthing Copper Coated Conductor Anti Corrosion

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