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La Farga restructures the Group’s trading companies under the La Farga Yourcoppersolutions SA brand

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This October sees the launch of the new corporate organisation of La Farga, which involves the merger of the metallurgy Group’s trading companies into a single company, namely LA FARGA YOURCOPPERSOLUTIONS SA. La Farga is restructuring the industrial companies of the family-run business with the main goal of strengthening its strategic positioning and simplifying its operational structure.

The following companies will merge together within LA FARGA YOURCOPPERSOLUTIONS SA: Corporación Metalúrgica Catalana, La Farga Lacambra, La Farga Tub, La Farga Rod, La Farga Tertub AIE, Hidroelèctrica del Voltregà, La Farga Intec and Metalúrgica Catalana. The Company name is aligned with the brand name by which the company is known internationally.

Inka Guixà, Chief Executive of La Farga, lists the main advantages of the merger: "In addition to making operational functioning more agile, the newly-merged Group will facilitate better brand positioning, along with the adaptation of the business structure to current times. Despite these administrative changes, as far as its customers and agents are concerned, La Farga will remain faithful to its policy of transparency, competitiveness and constant effort in its efficient work methodology”.

This new structure does not involve any changes in terms of production, since La Farga will continue to manufacture the same products that have made it one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture and sale of copper and copper alloy products.

More information on La Farga

La Farga is a family-run holding group with over 200 years of history that manufactures and sells copper products and their alloys for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, tubes, automotive, billets and special conductors markets. In 2017 it achieved a turnover of 1,019 million euros (an increase of 32% in respect of 2016). The company has an international presence with a production plant in the USA and two copper tube distribution centres in the UK and France, respectively. Thanks to its 383-strong workforce and its philosophy of constantly innovating in order to improve, La Farga has become one of the world’s leading companies in copper solutions and copper recycling technology.

La Farga reinforces its international position and its development of technology sales by signing an agreement with the Italian company Danieli

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On May 31st of this year La Farga signed an agreement with Danieli, the Italian company that is a leader in the manufacture of equipment and plants for the ferrous metals industry, to reinforce one of the company’s strategic lines - the sale of technology. This alliance has been made possible thanks to La Farga’s 200 plus years of experience in the copper industry and its global positioning. To date La Farga has transferred its technology and knowledge to more than 30 plants worldwide.

Inka Guixà, appointed Chief Executive of La Farga

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On Friday March 24th Inka Guixà Fisas was appointed as new Chief Executive of La Farga. As of this appointment, Inka Guixà becomes the organisation’s top executive, while Oriol Guixà continues in his post as Chairman and CEO at the head of the property interests and of the different stakeholders.

La Farga opens a route to Israel

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The forge has been assigned to provide the catenary conductors for one of the largest railway electrification projects in Israel. The project, led by the ACS Group's industrial subsidiary SEMI, consists of 1,080 km of railway electrification and 14 substations from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. La Farga will supply the copper conductors, mainly alloys, which will be installed in the catenary, and the material will be delivered over the next 5 years.

La Farga opens a route to India

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This week La Farga has signed an accord with ALSTOM for one of the most important railway electrification projects in India. The project, which is part of the EASTERN DEDICATED FREIGHT CORRIDOR, is 343 km of double-track railway electrification from Bhaupur to Khurja. La Farga will supply the copper conductors, mainly alloys, which will be installed in the catenary.

Vicenç Fisas Comella is standing down as chairman of the company after 35 years leading the family copper business

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Vicenç Fisas Comella is leaving the position of Chairman of La Farga after 35 years at the helm, and having re-founded the company in 1980. Last Friday, October 30th, he chaired the Board of Directors for the last time and bade an emotional farewell to all of its members. This was followed by an act at the Copper Museum with all the partners and representatives of the executive employees to commemorate the 35 years that Mr Fisas has devoted to writing the history of La Farga.

The 100% recycled copper installation complements the “Dining with the Tsars Exhibition. Fragile beauty from the Hermitage”

La Farga has been awarded three of the most relevant high-speed railway sector projects to be implemented during 2014-2015; Haramain High Speed Mecca-Medina (Saudi Arabia), Ligne Grand Vitese Tours-Bordeaux (France) and railway line connecting Metz, in the French Alsace region, and Strasboug. All requiring products of high technological content and a total installation of 1,100 km.  

The underwater rail link joining East and West, with La Farga rail technology

La Farga is supplying the cables for the railway electrification of the Marmaray project, a new 76 km rail link between Halkali and Gebze (Turkey). Part of the new rail link is above ground, while the other part consists of tunnels underneath the Istanbul Strait. This revolutionary railway project is already up and running.

On Monday La Farga handed over grants for advanced studies and Christmas workshops to workers and children of workers of La Farga, along with residents of Les Masies de Voltregà. The foundation has awarded 28 grants worth almost €22,000 in total, continuing the commitment that it undertook six years ago, awarding over 200 grants over the course of this period.

For the seventh year in a row La Farga has consolidated its commitment by presenting its Sustainability Report. The report for 2012 has been audited by Global Reporting Initiative and given the highest rating (A+) for its complete transparency and the breadth of its information. 

A new exhibition has opened this Saturday in the Copper Museum featuring copper jewels produced by the jewellery workshop of Susana Alonso, entitled "Aquelles joguines" (Those jewels).
La Farga Tub, the Spanish manufacturer of copper piping for water, gas, heating and solar thermal energy installations, is expanding its area of operation and setting up business all over Europe with its wide range of products.
The ceremony was presided over by the Minister for Economy and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, Andreu Mas-Colell, who then met the management team of the UVic.
LA FARGA has signed a catenary system supply contract with Cegelec Mobility, who is piloting the Catenary batch and sharing research, supply and electrification work duties for the LGV SEA (South Europe Atlantic High-Speed Railway Line Project) with Ineo SCLEE Ferroviare, TSO Caténaries and ETF.

La Farga presents Dx3 (Deep Defects Detector) technology to the railway market, to ensure exhaustive quality control in grooved contact wires. A technology protected (P201231691) by the metallurgy holding company and designed to detect small defects present inside the contact wire.

La Farga Group opens a new production plant in the USA, joining the the one already started up in China, and has set up facilities in the Research Park of the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) to boost its research policy for the development of new copper applications.

LA FARGA has participated actively in the development of urban transport in the Iberian Peninsula by integrating the complete production process - smelting, pouring, laminating and drawing - for the range of products necessary for railway electrification.

At the fair, La Farga Tub has presented double security features for its tubes: a 50 year guarantee for its domestic water pipes and the ecopperclean seal for all its pipes. No other company in the sector offers these twin features.
Since 1996 La Farga Group has remained in collaboration with the Material Process Design and Optimisation Centre (DIOPMA) at the UB. This continued work has led to the development of new copper alloys for railway electrification and innovation of their production process. The transfer of technology and knowledge from both parties has been instrumental in positioning the metallurgy company at the forefront of its sector.
The VIC LA FARGA-EART awards were presented this Friday for the third consecutive year. The focal point this year was the expansion of La Farga Group and students from the school had to create a small sculpture using copper as its core material.

With an investment of €105,000, La Farga Group opened its new Microscopy room this October. The room, located in the metallurgy holding company facilities, is equipped with latest machines capable of analysing materials with a precision and quality that is unique in the sector.

Using copper piping in plumbing installations for water, gas and heating offers double advantages. We discuss the 50-year warranty offered by the La Farga Tub copper piping.

La Farga Lacambra, a leading company in railway technology in the Spanish market, was present at the Innotrans Trade Fair held in Berlin on 21st to 24th September at, unveiling its new high-performance products. These include EVELEC, a material based on microalloys that improves wear resistance by between 30 and 50% in comparison with the products used on conventional lines.

La Farga Group, a family-run holding company producing semi-finished copper products, started production on 10th July at its new plant in the U.S. in which it has invested $44 million. The new plant, called SDI La Farga, is equipped with technology patented by the Catalan holding company and manufactures copper rod from recycled materials to meet the needs of cable manufacturers for the Americas.
The official presentation of grants for higher studies, language studies abroad and summer schools for employees of La Farga Group and their children took place at the La Farga Foundation Copper Museum last Friday.
La Farga Lacambra (LFL), a leading company in railway technology in the Spanish market, was present at the Innotrans Trade Fair held in Berlin on 18th to 21st September at, showing its new copper products and its high-performance alloys. These include EVELEC, a material based on microalloys that improves wear resistance by between 30 and 50% in comparison with conventional contact wire.

In 2011, the metallurgy company produced its Sustainability Report for yet another year, audited by the Global Reporting Initiative and rated with the highest score (A +) for total transparency and extent of information.

Copper is a metal that has been used throughout history because of its colour, properties, benefits and prestige as a metal. As a result, copper remains very present in our daily lives: in car engines, mobile phones, railway lines, piping in the home, watches, canned food and a host of other everyday items.

La Farga Tub, a copper pipe manufacturer in Spain, presented its ecopperclean copper pipes at the Milan Expocomfort Trade Fair: 100% recyclable copper pipes with antibacterial properties.

La Farga Tub, a copper pipe manufacturer in Spain, has obtained certification for use of the Antimicrobial Copper Cu + mark by the International Copper Association (ICA) and the Copper Development Association Inc. This certification guarantees that the pipes made by the metallurgy holding company have antimicrobial properties.
The La Farga Group metallurgy holding company has opened a new copper piping distribution centre together with a local partner. The new company, called La Farga Tub France, is located in Lyon and plans to provide copper piping throughout France.

The La Farga Group metallurgy holding company has opened a new copper piping distribution centre together with a local partner. The new company, called La Farga Tub France, is located in Lyon and plans to provide copper piping throughout France.

La Farga Rod, a company belonging to the La Farga Group metallurgy holding group, has implemented an innovative predictive maintenance system that offers high levels of efficiency and productivity by foreseen uncontrolled stoppages, with the subseqüent energy savings and environmental benefits.
La Farga Lacambra has announced that the full range of rail products it manufactures have been rated by the SNCF.

La Farga Lacambra (LFL), a leading company in railway technology, is to manufacture a significant tonnage of railway material over the next four years to supply the new works of the French National Railways (SNCF). It is to provide railway material from its entire existing range: CuETP, CuSn, CuMg and CuAg.
La Farga Foundation, in collaboration with the Vic School of Art, presented the awards to the 3winners of the Copper jewellery competition on Friday, 30th September.

This afternoon, La Farga Foundation has invited primary and secondary education professionals to a presentation of the new educational offering of the Copper Museum.
The Madrid Chamber of Commerce has selected La Farga Group as the company that SMEs should follow in the preparation of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statements.

Copperclean ensures that La Farga Tub copper piping is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacterias1 in barely two hours, as well as inhibiting the growth of viruses and fungi to reduce the chances of infection and permanently act as effective material in fight against pathogens.
During the last school year, 2009-2010, La Farga Foundation and the Vic School of Art signed an agreement for a competition for prototypes of a functional, innovative piece made from copper pipe.

From 4th to 8th October, La Farga Group organises over 20 safety-related activities for the Second Week of Safety Culture.
The leading metal company in the copper sector organised the 2ND SAFETY CULTURE WEEK from 4th to 8th October. Over 20 events were organised over the course of the week at the company's facilities to raise the awareness of workers and agents involved in the company's activities of the importance of working safely.
La Farga Lacambra, a leading railway technology company in the Spanish market, is at the Innotrans Fair in Berlin from 21st to 24th September, where it is presenting its new high-technology products. One of the standout products is EVELEC, a material which, thanks to its micro-alloy technology, improves resistance to wear and tear by between 30% and 50% in respect of the products typically used on conventional lines.

In 2008 and on the occasion of its bicentennary, La Farga Group refurbished an old 20th century house in Masies of Voltregà and transformed it into what is now the Copper Museum. The world's first museum on this subject that offers a view of copper from a technical, scientific and experiential standpoint (with a visit to the La Farga Lacambra production plant).

La Farga Group has expanded its area of action and, with two local partners, has created a new production plant in China exclusively for railway products for the Asian market. This new plant is to manufacture copper products and alloys for the railway sector and seeks to be able to meet the emerging needs of this sector in the Chinese market.
La Farga Group has been selected by BMW to take part in one of its Pez de Plata initiatives in Barcelona. The book, published by BMW initiative, reflects the concerns of the city to address social and environmental challenges through 24 proposals for a better Barcelona. Along these lines, La Farga Group has collaborated with the publishing of this book, providing the knowledge and the know-how of the copper recycling process.

LFL, a company dealing in the manufacture and sale of semi-finished copper products, has launched a new website exclusively for rail products. A dynamic, accessible portal, it is equipped with all technical information for each product.

The Spanish market for copper pipe is fully stabilised and focuses its current area of action on refurbishments than new construction. Along these lines, La Farga Tub is the only Spanish manufacturer and remains strong throughout its market: Spain, France and Northern Africa.

On Tuesday 15th November, La Farga Foundation is to be rewarded as the winner of the Bonaplata award in the category Special Heritage Category.

It is also to be presented this coming Monday 14th December with the 30th Guillem Català dels Enginyers award.
Over recent years, copper has become an essential metal. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, copper is used in different areas that traditionally corresponded to other metals. To this end, in order to inform of the use of copper in all the civilisations throughout history, the La Farga Foundation created the Copper Museum (MCU) in 2008, located in an old 20th Century house in Les Masies de Voltregà.
Catalan railway technology is being used in many rail projects worldwide. This summer, a U.S. delegation led by the Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs, Dana Gresham, came to visit the Spanish railway facilities and many underground rail, tram, high speed and conventional lines already use rail technology from the only national manufacturer, La Farga Lacambra SAU.

In 2008, La Farga Lacambra, a company of the La Farga Group holding group, invested over a million and a half Euros in the installation and commissioning of a new fume treatment plant for its casting section

The Technical Seminar of the International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC), which began on Sunday 8th March in Barcelona, ​​is to end at the facilities of La Farga Group, in its capacity as a pioneering company in the copper sector.

With a policy of expansion and market diversification, in the first quarter of the year La Farga Lacambra has invested in machinery for high-performance copper products.

In 2009, La Farga Lacambra, the only national manufacturer of copper products for rail applications, has made investments to expand on its range of high-performance copper products.
La Farga Foundation has signed a agreement for collaboration with the Universtiat Autònoma Barcelona, ​​through the Research Centre for Scientific and Mathematical Education, to promote activities that help boost the number of students in scientific and technical studies.
La Farga Group has been awarded as the best metallurgy company at the Premis Metalls 2008 presented by the Unió Patronal Metal·lúrgica (UPM) during the Gala del Metall.
On Tuesday 14th October, The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce awarded all Catalan companies that had been in business for over 50 years in 2008. La Farga Group attended the event as an award-winning company.