Oriol Guixà for Colegio Economistas

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There is no doubt that the weight of industry has declined considerably in all developed economies. Without going any further, in Catalonia it has dropped from 25 to 19 of GDP in just 11 years and in Spain from 19 to 16. The figures speak for themselves.

Oriol Guixà for Expansión

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Copper and its alloys have been used for over six thousand years. Its strength, durability, corrosion resistance, appearance and antimicrobial properties and workability are features that have contributed towards the development of civilisations. With a global consumption of 23 million tons, copper has become a noble metal that is necessary for international economic growth.

Oriol Guixà for La Vanguardia

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If you ask me whether I am an entrepreneur, I would say that I am an entrepreneur.

I'm happy because now that I have to write about the industry I can do so under the umbrella of a society that has no doubt of its importance and impact on the development and growth of a country. If I had written this in 2007, for example, I would have had to defend it, offering key arguments such as the fact that the industry is almost the only industrial sector driving economic growth, leading the demand for research, enabling internationalisation, supporting talent and generating skilled employment.

The culture of safety

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There have recently been two accidents in the workplace in our district resulting in death. Above and beyond the condolences that we need to convey to the families for their irreparable losses, as a society it should give us cause for reflection.