La Farga joins Indian railway electrification project

La Farga, based in Barcelona, Spain, has signed an accord with French company Alstom to supply the copper conductors that will be installed in the catenary for a project in India that will electrify 343 kilometres of double-track railway from Bhaupur to Khurja.

This is one of the world’s major rail corridors, and the project will substantially improve the transport of goods in India, La Farga says. This project is part of a programme that is expected to create a total of seven corridors with more than 10,000 kilometres of electrification.

It is a very important project for La Farga because it represents the gateway to the strategic market of India. Next year, India is expected to be one of the world’s most dynamic economies, with gross domestic product (GDP) forecasted to grow by 7.3%. Investment in infrastructure is the backbone of the country’s economy.

Miquel Garcia, general manager of La Farga Lacambra, “This electrification project requires 2,000 kilometres of railway product conductors. We are encouraged by this award, since it is an emblematic work for the Indian market, and we want the La Farga brand to become securely positioned in this country. The talks began in March 2015, and today we are reaping the fruit.”

La Farga is a metallurgical holding company that specialises in copper and its alloys. It closed 2015 with a turnover of €887 million, with an investment of €13 million euros and having produced 191,894 tonnes of consolidated copper. It exports 46% of its products, with a portfolio of customers that increased in 2015 by 10%, thanks to the efforts and dedication of more than 347 employees, the company says.

La Farga offers a range of products for railway catenary, integrating its production process and with a world-leading technological component. In recent years the company has consolidated its strategic positioning with international high-speed projects, such as the Meca-Medina Haramain in Saudi Arabia, the SEA HSL (Southern Europe Atlantic high-speed line Tours-Bordeaux) in France and the Morocco HSL.

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