Dossier Innotrans2016: La Farga

La Farga offers a full range of rail products for conventional lines, metro, tram and high-speed lines. We  are  the  only  manufacturer  in  the  world  with  the ability to melt, cast, roll and wire draw the entire range of products used in the railway sector.

Its possibilities include all alloys used, the different measures of grooved contact wire and all supporting and electricity supply elements, feeders, hangers and cables.

Our service includes technical advice and visits.

Railway references in the world:
•   HS:  Bcn-Figueres/Madrid-Valencia/Vigo-A  Coruña/Santiago-Ourense/Valencia-Alicante/Meca-Medina

•   HS-LGV:  SER  sud  Est  Atlantique/Est  Europenné 2 phase/Morocco

•   HS: Ankara-Istanbul/Rhin-Rhone

•   CL: Diva-Koper/Mantasnancs France/Marmaray/Tithorea/Bourg-Bellgrade/Xianxiang  Rizhao/Tramo  Concepcion–Lomas  Coloradas/  Casablanca-Kentira

•   MT:  Worsow/París/Madrid/Barcelona/Quito/Yukatan/México/Santo Domingo

•   TW:  Valenciennes/Strasbourg/Firenze/Dublin/Bergen/Nottinghan/  Dubai/Ryad/Melbourne/Barquisimeto/Constantine/Oran/ Mostagane

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